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Our portfolio includes film and video work from branding, demos, event highlights, marketing, PSA, training, web series and more!


Backlot Cinema is always aiming to make videos that are both imaginative and thought provoking. This ad for the local arcade and entertainment center, The Factory, allowed our staff to really have with the concept of arcade play. Shoots such as these always prove to be enjoyable for our staff, the actors, and the audience

Smart WNC

Backlot Cinema had the exclusive opportunity to partner with SMART WNC in their robotic Lego competitions. Our crew documented the journey of several local teams on their way to the final championship in Cherokee, North Carolina. This particular video shows the highlights of the much anticipated Championships

Body Building

For two years, Backlot Cinema has had the pleasure of working with NBPF to capture highlights and interviews of their show that we used to compose a series of videos for their marketing and advertising. This video is a compilation of all the contestants who competed in the 2016 NBPF Championship.

Interview/Educational Reel

Backlot Cinema is readily equipped with video and sound studios. This compilation shows just a glimpse of the endless creativity that can be utilized through using our staff and facilities to capture your educational and interview based videos.

Backlot Cinema Custom Video and Audio Media.

Live Events, Audio and Video Commercials, Educational, Social Media content