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3 days ago

Backlot Cinema

Here's some behind-the-madness photos from the ACC Barnstorming Tour Live Stream!

We want to take a second to brag on our team - its amazing what can be accomplished when we all work together (a little cliche, but true)! This was the most involved live stream for Backlot Cinema to date, and we couldn't be happier with the results!

Also, thanks to everyone who supported our vision with this stream and to those who helped make it a reality. We couldn't have done it without you!
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What an awesome ... well executed job! You all are amazing and so easy to work with... can’t wait for the next game!

We watched this game and several others online,very nice job.Thanks for the hard work

5 days ago

Backlot Cinema

If you missed the ACC Barnstorming Tour LIVE, we got you covered! We captured all the action, including courtside interviews with both Franklin and ACC Players!

The ACC Barnstorming tour came to Franklin, NC this past Friday, April 20th and it was such a good time! We were honored to be able to partner with such a wonderful tour! Enjoy!

Know someone who missed the event? Tag them below and share the love!
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That wraps up our live stream for the evening! Thanks to everyone who tuned in and watched! Did you see someone you know? Tag them in the comments!

To our knowledge, Grayson's agent preferred him not to tour to better prepare for the NBA. We're sad he couldn't be here!

Our youtube page is Backlot Cinema. Search for us in the search bar and our channel should pop up! 🙂 Great idea though - we're sure the video is better on tv!

At any point during the stream, feel free to ask any questions to our commentators Byron and George and we will be sure to answer as many as we can!

Us too, Donna! We're glad they let Franklin's Matthew Sheffield represent Duke, though!

Who do you think won, Brandon?

It wasn't announced who was the official winner, but we will check it out during halftime!

Zach's doing awesome, Joann!

Unfortunately, no Duke players were able to make it out tonight.

Here's the link to our youtube stream: youtu.be/yU-LHtjEu9Q

Congrats Andy! You make the class of 2005 proud!!

Why is Byron McClure not playing?

Mike Gibson they need us!!!

My grandson walked the ACC team out and my daughters boyfriend Lee Scruggs is playing tonight

Thanks for allowing us to watch at home

They couldn’t find me a uniform😂😂😂

Hope tonight’s charity event was one of your Best!

So much fun with these globetrotters

What was the reason Grayson Allen couldn’t make it ?

I wish I can get free stuff since I'm watching it and de la cruz

Would you tell all the acc people I said good luck

Is there any Duke people there tonight?

They are at New Bern High School tomorrow night, thought you might be interested.

Tell Joel berry I said what's up

Who won the 3 point contest

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5 days ago

Backlot Cinema

The gym is filling up and we want to make sure you're READY for the big game! ... See MoreSee Less


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Amazing work Backlot Cinema!!

Jeremy Holland

5 days ago

Backlot Cinema

Live at FHS for a pre-game Interview with ACC Barnstorming Tour Director, Pet Sumner! We cannot wait to share the game with Facebook tonight! ... See MoreSee Less


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No one from Duke is coming come on man.

7 days ago

Backlot Cinema

We had such a great time hanging out with the ladies of Southern & Sunkissed! We're so glad we could partner with such a wonderful business!

Also, a HUGE shoutout to Keshia of keshiaGphotography for snapping some great pictures! She rocked this shoot!

Southern & Sunkissed
Had so much fun at our shoot with Backlot Cinema! Yall stay tuned for some special announcements on our one year Anniversary! Here is a preview of our Spring and Summer styles. Everything $42 and under!
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